Special Education – 3 Benefits Your Child Could Receive From an Inclusive Placement

Are you considering an inclusive placement for your child with autism,
or learning disabilities? Would you like to know what benefits, your
child with a disability could gain by being in an inclusive placement?
This article will discuss what inclusion is, and what positive things
your child can receive, from an inclusive placement. Remember,
inclusion is not for every child with a disability, but it is an
option.Inclusion is a type of placement that is available, for any child with
a disability. The education takes place in the regular classroom. This
could be a full time inclusive placement or a part time, whatever your
child needs to benefit from their education.3 Benefits:1. In an inclusive setting, your child will have access to the regular
education curriculum. What this means, is that your child will
hopefully receive the same educational instruction, as children
without disabilities. Parents and special education personnel, should
have high expectations for children with disabilities, and access to
the regular education curriculum may be what the child needs.2. In a inclusive setting, your child will also receive district wide
and state testing. This testing will bring about accountability for
your child, and will also help you understand if they are not
learning, and need a more intense placement. Keep copies of all
district and state wide testing, in case a dispute occurs between
yourself and school personnel.3. In an inclusive setting, your child will have a greater access to
children without disabilities, which will help them develop
appropriate social skills. Children with disabilities have the right
to be educated with children without disabilities, to the maximum
extent appropriate.Remember, that if your child is in a regular classroom, they have the
right to supplementary aids and services, that will help them benefit
from a regular education classroom. These could be anything that your
child needs; a classroom assistant, and individual assistant, shorter
assignments, shorter tests, etc. These supplementary aids and services
will help your child succeed in a regular classroom.By understanding what benefits your child can receive from an
inclusive placement, you will be better able, to make an informed
decision about placement. What is most important is what placement
your child needs in order to learn.

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