Blogging For Fun

People tend to engage in blogging either for fun or for profit. Of course, people who blog for fun often make money from it, and people who blog for income have to enjoy what they do, or they will give it up pretty quickly.

There are millions of blogs on the internet, because people want to share their thoughts, and since the internet came along, that’s easier than ever.

Some things that people share on their blogs can include:

Opinions. Have you figured out what we should be doing about the economy? Do you have thoughts about how a certain vote or election should go? Are there education policies that you support or oppose? Do corporations exploit their customers? If you have an opinion about these things or any others, you can post it on your blog.
Experiences. Are you struggling with a disease? Did you go to a certain university? Are you a parent, trying to become one, or determined never to have children? A blog is the perfect place to share your experiences. Many people will appreciate your thoughts on the things you have been through.
Personal expression. This can include news about your family, your poetry, your artwork, random thoughts, plans for the future or reflections on the past. These blogs are about you, not you plus something else, so just say what’s on your mind.
Expertise. These kinds of blogs are often connected to your job or education. There are health blogs, education blogs, construction blogs, dry cleaning blogs, publishing blogs, and blogs focusing on any aspect of any industry you can think of. But you are part of one of those industries, and you have some skills to offer, too. A blog is a perfect place to do that.
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