A Special Education Teacher Is Also Your Partner in Learning

If your child suffers from a learning disability, he or she may thrive more in a special education class. A special education teacher is trained to handle a group of children who each learn in a different way. When you want to create a positive learning environment for your child, you need to work with your child’s special education teacher to become partners in learning.Hold an official meeting that you and your child’s teacher can go over everything that you want your child to learn from the classes in that school year. The more you work together, the more successful your child will be. If you work with your teacher to determine how and what your child will be taught then you can enhance the lessons in the home during the evenings.When a child suffers from a learning disability he or she can still learn but in a different way. There are many learning techniques that can be used in order to improve your child’s education. For example, if your child is learning to count to ten, most teachers will use a simple method of counting out loud and writing down the numbers on the board however if a child has a learning disability, it may be necessary to teach the child by placing a visual in your child’s hand so the receptors that run to the brain can carry the images from the eyes to the brain and comprehend and confirm the number. If your child sees one red teddy bear in his hand, he relates the number one to the one object in his or her hand. When the child gets home, he or she can further learn how to count by you and him or her sitting down at the table with one cup of cereal and one empty cup. Teach your child to count as they pick up the pieces of cereal one at a time and place them into the empty cup.There are other ways to work with your special education teacher in order to help your child learn. Visit your child’s class one day a week and volunteer in order to show your child that learning is a positive thing. When your child sees you interacting in the same way that he or she is made to then it won’t be such a bad place to be.Sometimes a child who has trouble learning feels that their environment is also negative and they set their minds to the fact that they cannot learn like that. When this happens it takes more energy to get turn this negative into a positive then it does to reinforce a positive environment from the beginning. This will take a constant working relationship between parent, teacher, and student. When you meet with the teacher, include your child in the meeting as well so they feel as though they are a part of the team and not a project for the team.Be sure to ask your child’s opinion on many things along the way. When your child learns something, acknowledge it and show him or her praise so they know that you are proud of them.

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